Amazing app, after a few tries you can get the hang of it. You are able to take all important stats from a game, and the guys loved it.

B. Kerr

Very good tool with very good support. The developer is engaged and open to receiving feedback and updating the app for functionality and usability. I'll use this app again.

W. Young

Very good app to keep track of the matches and good statistic graphs. If you have any problem with the app, the developer responds right away and is very friendly!

J. Hernandez

App is work in progress according to dev and his communications are top notch, so I know hes working hard to better the user experience. Ive tried all others and this one combines ease of use and the best detailed stats out there. Well done Sergio!

G. Godwin

Very nice app. Extremely good service. I have been using this app to do our basketball game stats. It's super easy to use, I love the fact you can easily drag and drop the values to each player. Also has efficiency rating and +/-. Just love it!

J. Guilbert

Best basketball stats app out there. I use this for my son's multiple teams without any issues and share with his coaches easily. Love the PDF report in the new version. Premium option is affordable and the way to go if you want to save unlimited games.

D. Boyer


Basketball Stats Assistant was specifically designed based on input from basketball coaches, assistants and players

Season stats

Check your stats per season to evaluate each player progress

Shot percentages

Review overall shot percentages per season

Individual stats

Check individual stats in different games and seasons to analyze the weak and strong sides of your team


Advanced Stats

Our system provides you with advanced basketball statistics that will help you analyze your team shooting skills, ball handling and much more

Plus minus

Automatic calculation of individual plus minus (+/-)


Track not only committed fouls but also the ones that each player receives to help you assess their impact


Best lineups

Analyse easily the best lineups of the season with our new lineups summary screen. You can export all the lineups information in CSV format or check it directly in the app where you will find all the stats, minutes played per lineup as well as advanced statistics.

Team configuration

Create your team with its own logo as well as color so that you can easily export reports automatically with your team information. Do not forget to also upload the player's pictures to have great individual reports per season.


Assign different seasons and tournament types to the games, from friendly games to playoffs. That will help you assess the impact of the players in different parts of the season

Track 3x3 or 5x5 games

With this new functionality you can easily configure every aspect of the game easily.

Live stats and play by play

Following your team games live was never easier. Just click the link that your coach shared and enjoy all the stats live

New live streaming option

Share the game that you are tracking with any follower that could not attend the game

Google and Apple login

Login with your Google and Apple account in order to back up and restore your data in multiple devices and platforms

Multiple devices

When buying a premium subscription you will benefit from getting your data saved automatically and the ability to restore in multiple devices. Restore your data in Apple or Android if you have devices from different platforms




Track every action

Our system helps you track seamlessly each action in a basketball game. Just drag and drop any basketball action to the specific player. The app records automatically in which minute and quarter the action happened, which allows us to later compute all the statistics and create amazing charts and reports

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Continuation dialogs

In order to improve the speed of tracking actions, we added continuation dialogs that are easily configured. You can track with just one tap, rebounds after a missed shot, assists, drawn fouls and much more

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